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A Different Approach

  • There is never a fee for listening to your needs and understanding what solutions you are aiming for. Your confidentiality is our first priority and we are more than happy to execute a non-disclosure agreement with you.
  • We break down an engagement into distinct deliverables so you can value each one. We then give you a fixed price for those deliverables.
  • With a hands-on approach, we lay out a clear, detailed project plan and then collaborate with your team to execute that plan. Our goal is to not provide a report that only tells you what you already know, or worse yet, sits on a shelf and gathers dust.
  • Our goal is to position your business in such a way that you no longer need us. We measure our success by your business having the knowledge, resources, and tools in place after we have collaborated.

Our Successes

  • Restructured the credit department at an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and instituted a long-term credit strategy. During our tenure, there were no significant write-offs of receivables and past due customer balances steadily decreased from a peak of over 20% to 7%.
Past Due
Past Due
Past Due
  • Restructured the finance and accounting functions at three different businesses by recruiting finance professional talent while at the same implementing procedures and more robust systems. In each instance the recruited finance leaders were later elevated to oversee the function.
  • Played an instrumental role in two successful recapitalizations of businesses at above market multiples. One recapitalization was by a financial partner and the other by a strategic partner, both of whom acquired a majority ownership interest of those businesses.
  • Multiple successful implementations of ERP/Reporting/Planning systems. At a gift company, the new forecasting system provided a greater level of financial performance insight, scenario planning, and a much higher degree of forecasting accuracy (98% quarterly).
  • Eliminated millions of wasteful spending dollars across a broad spectrum of businesses, leading to improved cash flow positions.
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